I’m a multidisciplinary product designer & strategist with over 20 years of work experience, based in San Francisco. I’ve assisted startups and companies in multiple fields, envisioning, shaping, and building innovative and rich cloud-based applications. My expertise spans digital product design and media & entertainment industries, from user experience design of AI, Data Analysis & BI tools, 2D & 3D CAD, and No/Low-code applications to motion design, visual effects, and games.
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Toric Labs
Product Strategist & Designer

Spearheading AI strategy and experience at Toric, identifying high-value, low-risk AI features to drive product adoption and company growth, alongside leading research and customer insights initiatives to inform decision-making and product development.

Director, User Experience

I’ve been leading and developing a group of passionate and highly collaborative designers, working cross-functionally with engineers, product, marketing, and branding teams balancing in a fast growth pace, customers, and business needs.

UX Architect & Strategist

At Autodesk Forge organization, I designed, championed, and embedded quantitative and qualitative research methods and frameworks like Jobs to be Done and journey mapping to help understand, expose, and track customer needs in the problem and solution space, allowing agile teams, stakeholders, and leadership to communicate and track customer impact in a more effective and efficient manner. I contributed to creating and implementing key customer-centricity projects inside the company, such as Customer Councils, Customer Knowledge DB, and the "Value of Forge" studies.

Creative Lead & UX Manager

As a leader and manager, I co-led the product experience, vision, advocacy, and guidance of current and Nextgen Forge Platform offerings, ranging from the Autodesk Forge Developer Portal to Autodesk Human Interface Guidelines, as well as new strategic SDKs and APIs to expand Forge offerings, the Nextgen Forge Cloud Platform, and a no/low code cloud-based application. I developed methods and frameworks to evaluate, measure, and monitor the quality of the platform's APIs and SDKs. In addition, I co-led and contributed to projects for the ADSK design system that helped 250+ designers cross-company, decentralize design system maintenance, and contribute as a community to all Interaction design patterns. In addition, I led a unique 2D and 3D model space design system that was exclusive to Autodesk's Nextgen Forge Cloud Developer Platform.

Media & Entertainment
Creative, Animator and Art Director

Throughout my 14-year career in motion design and computer graphics, I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, producing 2D and 3D animation for commercial campaigns for agencies and clients such as Pepsi, Nike, Coke, and Bell TV, among others. I enhanced the creative, design, and production processes and managed cross-functional teams of generalists, animators, compositors, developers, and look dev artists while working as a creative and technical director and animator at various companies.

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